nCloud Connect

Out with the Old, in with the New

If you’re a current business owner you should probably ask yourself, when is the last time I evaluated my phone system? I suggest this because it is extremely common for companies and their owners to go long periods of time without really analyzing their phone system to see if it is maximizing their business’s potential.  Traditional PBX Systems can work well and have for many years, but as they say “Father Time is undefeated”.  In this scenario that means many of the traditional PBX systems have come to the end of their life.  End of life for a phone system can actually mean three things, (1) The phone system is old and simply incapable of performing the necessary functions (2) The phone system is just antiquated and falling short when it comes to productive features (3) The manufacturer is no longer in business which means they don’t offer support, software updates or equipment parts.  In our business, this is often where I come in.  As a Channel Sales Specialist it is my role to work with our current customers and help them transition from a traditional PBX phone system to a cloud based phone system. NetCarrier’s cloud based system is called “nCloud Connect”.  

What is “nCloud Connect” you may be wondering?  nCloud Connect is our own proprietary UCaaS (Unified communications as a service).  We take pride in our platform’s ability to take customer phone systems to the next level.  As an in house sales representative I work with the customer to discuss how their needs may have changed since the last time they reviewed their phone system.  Two of the biggest things I have found to be most prominent during this process have been customers’ ability to work remote and being able to quickly scale their phone system as their business grows. 

Regardless of what business you are in, everyone has felt the impact of the pandemic.  As we hopefully continue to work through and eventually out of these times it has become more and more important for business’s to have the latest technology to stay competitive within their markets.  nCloud Connect offers your employees a mobile application on their cell phone that mimics their desk phone, video calling, instant messaging and many other collaboration features that help businesses to accomplish this.

 In addition to this, nCloud Connect has an extremely user friendly portal which allows for new users to be configured within moments.  We pair this with our 24/7/365 technical support team who is always available to assist with adding users, ordering new equipment, and addressing questions. 

Last but not least, we circle back to myself and the sales team once again.  As members of your account team we always strive to offer financially pleasing deals to honor your years of loyalty as a customer.  When you are ready to make the transition from traditional PBX system to nCloud Connect, we work with you and provide a cost analysis to show how this change will impact your monthly spend for a phone system.  If all goes to plan, we would love the opportunity to offer savings during this process, because who doesn’t like to save money?! 

Many people share the same fear….do I upgrade my technology? Will this involve hours of time and research? Am I going to have to spend more money? We understand how daunting this can be, that is why we are here to assist and make the transition as seamless as possible so that your phones are always ringing!

If you are a current NetCarrier customer looking for more information on whether it is time for you to upgrade your system, reach out to us at 215.966.3396 or Check out the features that may benefit your industry at