Benefits of a CRM

The Benefits of a customer relationship management and quoting tool

If you work as part of a large team of people, you can understand how conversations with customers can sometimes be repeated.  Imagine you, the customer having to explain themselves more than once to different people within the organization. This can be frustrating! If only there could be a tool that helps store those conversations, shows monthly billing costs at a glance and provides detailed information regarding the authorized personnel on your account….well good news, there is! In fact, the NetCarrier sales team utilizes a Customer relationship management (CRM) tool every day to ensure the customer relationship is managed properly.  

The CRM tool the sales team uses at NetCarrier allows us to directly upload emails which pertain to a particular customer.  It allows users to see the conversations and pull files directly from the web-based system so that everyone is up to speed with what was discussed with the customer.  This is especially useful if a member of the sales team is out of the office or on an appointment.  

When choosing a CRM, it is important to look for features such as outlook integration, a user friendly interface, mobile application, and report generator specific to what matters to you. We were able to find a web-based CRM tool which allows every registered user the ability to research or update information without the need to download software to their computer.  The mobile feature is also a great tool for our sales team as we are always on the go.  The ability to have customer specific information at your fingertips is a very valuable feature to have.  This tool has especially been helpful for the sales team with projects, forecasting sales goals, and organizing customer information in an easily accessible format. 

Not only does the NetCarrier sales team use a CRM tool, we also use a quoting tool to generate price quotes and contracts.  Using a quoting tool reduces the amount of time it takes to generate a quote or contract, which allows the sales team to focus their time and efforts on renewing existing customers or assisting other.  Generating quotes accurately and quickly is important in our fast paced highly competitive industry.   

Recently, I was tasked with assisting in the rebuild of our quoting tool we use a NetCarrier. Ensuring that your quoting tool is up to date and that you understand all the ways you can utilize the application is important to the success of your quoting tool as well as your CRM. By implementing these applications, my team was able to focus their time on additional responsibilities while still assisting the sales team. We were able to increase our turnaround times and minimize the amount of manual work required. When you have a reliable quoting tool that takes minimal time and effort to maintain, the possibilities are endless!