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Contact Center Lite, integrated within our nCloud Connect Hosted PBX platform, is designed to enhance a call center’s environment.

Companies that handle their own calls and rely on voicemail as a backup might be losing a huge amount of potential business. Most callers do not want to leave a message and will just try another company. Contact Center Lite improves customer experience by properly routing calls to available staff members in the appropriate departments instead of relying on voicemails.

Experiencing Too Many Missed Calls?

Prevent missed calls and possible loss of business by placing callers in a queue or virtual line while staff members are busy with other calls.


Capitalize on the Wait Time

Play custom music, advertisements or messaging while customers are waiting for an available agent.


Interact with your Employees

Supervisors have the ability to live monitor agents and queues.  Inbound calls can be recorded and supervisors can listen, whisper and barge on any queue call if needed.


Greet Customers Accordingly

Custom label queues in order to identify and greet callers of subsidiary companies.

Call Distribution Strategies

Built-in routing strategies minimize caller’s wait time by efficiently distributing calls to available agents.

Available distribution strategies:

  • Agent With The Most Talk Time
  • Agent With The Least Talk Time
  • Agent Longest Idle
  • Agent With Most Calls
  • Random
  • Ring-All Agents Not Currently On Queue Call
  • Round Robin

Supervisor Capabilities

Supervisors have the ability to gauge agent performance by listening in on calls and monitoring queues.

Supervisor monitoring includes:

  • Listen in on agent calls without interrupting
  • Whisper or coach agents during a live call
  • Barge into a call and take over for an agent
  • View all queue activity and agent status in an enhanced supervisor portal

Agent Experience

Empower agents to provide a superior customer experience with faster resolution times and more responsive service with the following:

  • Easy star code queue system login on their phone or mobile app
  • Call delivery based on their queue assignment and designated distribution strategy
  • Ability to show queue name on call presentation to the agent or the caller ID name and number of the caller. This allows the agent to greet the caller accordingly.
  • Admin configurable wrap-up timers allow agents the time needed to complete tasks after ending a call.
  • Queue call back feature that allows callers to leave a message instead of waiting for an available agent.
  • Agent portal offers on-screen queue monitoring with the number of calls in queue, queue assignment, and agent status

Recording and Reporting

Supervisors can review call recordings and detailed reports to improve customer service, agent performance and the overall client experience.

Reports are available for 1 year and include the following:

  • Average Hold Time
  • Abandon %
  • Average Abandoned Wait
  • Stats Filtered By Agent: Total Calls Offered, Calls Answered, Calls Unanswered, Average Call Processing Time, And Average Occupancy Rate
  • Max Wait Time Reached
  • Total Calls Inbound
  • Talk Time
  • Count For Breakaway Digit

Inbound Call Recording:

  • 10Gb of Storage
  • Searchable
  • Easy to Download Locally

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