Bundle Internet Options With Your Voice Services

Eliminate the need to call multiple vendors by bundling your internet services. We offer the connectivity options below.

For a fast affordable inernet connectivity option, nCloud offers a variety of broadband providers. Uploads speeds of up to 1Gb will support multiple cloud-based apps, services and backup. Replace traditional circuits with cable broadband to increase your internet speed. nCloud offers rebilling and management of all broadband services when bundled with voice.

SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing the wide-area network (WAN) and improves the performance and reliability of an organizations Internet and private WAN connectivity. SD-WAN provides comprehensive routing control to ensure 99.999% uptime when combined with 3 or more broadband internet connections to achieve greater performance and reliability.

Key Features And Benefits

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Global Management & Monitoring

Our SD-WAN solution maintains a global management system for monitoring our secure on-site equipment, generating automatic alerts on SLA issues, and notifying service providers in the event of network issues.

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When multiple Internet connections are available at a branch office the SD-WAN will instantly and automatically failover in the event of a network outage, ensuring everyone stays up and running.

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Virtual Private Data Center

Connect your data center equipment to your private cloud for secure access to all of your internal applications. This allows customers to access hosted servers via both the Internet and their secure private cloud.

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Optimized Best Path Routing

Instantly re-routes branch office traffic based on latency, packet loss, and calculated jitter for tunnel and critically defined networks.

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MPLS Alternative

SD-WAN delivers a private overlay network using encrypted tunnels over the public Internet. This new generation of wide-area network connectivity is more secure and includes greater reliability while still maintaining a comparable quality of service to traditional MPLS.

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Firewalling services integrated with our content filtering and anti-malware our customers can achieve a multi-layered security solution to mitigate and protect against network aggressions. The intelligent UBM security appliances work with our cloud database and provide the network administrator with access to powerful application shaping and control from a single service.

nCloud Survive

Don’t need a full SD-WAN solution but want to make sure that you don’t drop any calls if your circuit goes down, NetCarrier offers nCloud Survive.

nCloud Survive provides redundancy between multiple (up to 3) WAN connections to ensure that a circuit outage doesn’t affect voice services. NetCarrier’s design utilizes constant link monitoring, dynamic VoIP routing, and core-to-edge router peering to ensure an immediate and smooth transition between connections.

NetCarrier recognizes that when a phone call drops, it affects a company’s reputation and bottom line. With nCloud Survive, phone calls remain connected through network outages.

All circuits are monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, so even though an outage may not be noticed by users, NetCarrier will notify the appropriate contacts and resolve the problem.

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