Voice Services

NetCarrier has been deploying voice over IP (VOIP) services successfully since the late 1990s. These VOIP services improve the utilization of bandwidth by dynamically allocating voice and data traffic on the same connection. This service saves on customer resources, provides better pricing, and increases monitoring capabilities. NetCarrier offers PRI, Analog, or SIP handoff methods, to accommodate your phone system requirements. 

When was the last time you reviewed your carrier services? Still operating on a copper t-1? Contact our team, who will do a full assessment of your services and provide a recommended solution that will update your technology and provide you cost savings. 

NetCarrier’s Voice packages include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Standard line based features
  • Unlimited or pay-per-minute local and long distance options
  • 24.7.365 monitoring, management and support of services
  • NetCarrier can utilize your current internet connection or provide the below access options.
    • nCloud Ethernet Over Fiber – Up To 1GB Dedicated Access
    • Broadband – Shared Network Speeds Up To 1Gb 
    • xStream- Fiber optic broadband speeds up to 1Gb

See connectivity for more information

Add on features:

Direct trunk overflow failover, toll free service, business desktop faxing, nCloud Survive failover, and more.

Are you struggling to maintain your phone system because it is end of life?

Are you not able to support a remote workforce and connect multiple offices together?

Speak with one of our cloud experts to discuss replacing your phone system with nCloud Connect. connect@netcarrier.com or call 855-nCloud4 (855-625-6834).

To see if our voice services would be an ideal solution for your company’s telecommunications needs, contact us or call 855-nCloud4 (855-625-6834).