We Are Committed To Great Customer Service

"In my experience in telephony the question is never IF there will be problems, but instead WHEN there are problems how is it dealt with? NetCarrier has dealt with every issue we’ve had (either system-related or self-imposed) promptly and professionally. And this is after they secured our business and guided us through the biggest phone transition this company has seen. NetCarrier is a great company to work with." – Josh Cohen

Freedom Mortgage

Sr. Telephony Administrator

“I have been working with Net Carrier for about two years and have been beyond pleased with the service I receive. They are responsive and they take the initiative to alert me when there is an outage problem in the area. They handle transferring my phones to our answering service and then they take care of transferring us back when the local connection issues are solved. I would highly recommend them to anyone. When I was looking for these services, I called 4 companies for proposals. No one else returned my call – and in some case I called several times. Thank you all at Net Carrier for taking good care of our office.” – Anne Eidschun

Griswold Home Care – New Castle County


"We have used NetCarrier for phone and internet for about 5 years. We have been very happy with the service and the technical support. We expect to be a customer for a long time." – Stephen Markey, The Law Office of Stephen Markey

The Law Office of Stephen Markey

“You guys were amazing! Thank you so much! Things are working great and the staff like the new system. We need to add our Philadelphia location next.” – Jung Lee

Jaisohn Memorial

"As our job is to provide care and support for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, it is vital that we have a reliable phone system that allows us to easily and quickly communicate with each other."– Michele DelCorsano

Our House Inc.

President & CEO

"A few weeks ago, we reached out to Netcarrier to renew our agreement. Our rep from Sales contacted me and went over the renewal terms with me over the phone. He assured me that he is at my disposal whenever I have additional questions. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful and friendly he was during the process. He answered all of my questions with patience and clarity. We renewed our contract for two more years and we will definitely keep Netcarrier in mind when moving to a new office space." - Anna Kolarikova

Anatolia College

Office Manager