Collaborate with Your Customers on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Team Collaboration Across All Devices

Improve customer satisfaction and increase employee productivity with real-time, effective collaboration. Our integrated solutions offer seamless communication tools through voice, video, conferencing, and chat on any device, at any time, from any location. All the following features included with Bria Enterprise Add On.

Video Conferencing

Connect teams with real-time face to face interaction from both in and out of the office with HD video

Screen Sharing

Share your desktop screen with a click to anyone on any device – get everyone working on the same page

Team Collaboration Across All Devices - nCloud Connect
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Business SMS

Send and receive SMS messages from your business phone number.


Connect teams with high-quality calls in HD audio and give them access to advanced call features

File Share

Drag-and-drop or attach files and screen captures to messages to share instantly with your team

Communications Simplified

All the communications tools you need in one integrated platform to keep all workers connected.

Team Messaging

Instant Messaging is the new channel of choice for many businesses. Internal IM gives enterprises an interactive interface for employees to collaborate in real-time. Instant Messaging allows coworkers to chat quickly and easily, to enhance business procedures and collaboration.

Business SMS

NetCarrier's Bria Enterprise App enables users to send and receive SMS messages directly from any device, ensuring seamless messaging for enhanced communication and productivity. Send SMS messages from your business phone number.

Mobile App

Take your office on the road with you, quickly connect with co-workers and clients right from your mobile app, appear as though you are at the office. Get more information on the mobile app here !

Desktop Faxing

Receive & send faxes easily and cost-effectively right from your user portal. This option is much more affordable and portable than traditional fax machines. Reduce your carbon footprint by sending and receiving paperless fax messages from any device. Leverage nCloud’s web-interface anytime from anywhere to send and receive fax communications with ease.

PC Softphone

Access all the features of your cloud phone system from your computer with a PC softphone. Easily make and receive calls, extension dial, view the presence of coworkers, and access your corporate directory. Extend the reach of your office by enabling employees to tap into desk phone features so they can work from anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss a single voicemail message with the Voicemail to Email feature. The voice messaging capabilities in nCloud Connect enhance business productivity and efficiency. Users have a voicemail option which sends voicemail messages as an email attachment right to your inbox. Listen, forward or save your voicemails anytime & from anywhere.


Boost interaction and engagement with real-time tools that enable your workforce to meet through audio conferencing. High-quality conference call audio comes with a wide range of features allowing real time management of the call via a portal. Increase work-life balance and employee satisfaction with the ability to make and manage conference calls from anywhere.

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