10 Reasons To Switch To Cloud Communications

Has your team ever missed a deadline because a broken PBX or laggy conference call interrupted their progress? If so, then it’s time to move to cloud communications.

By hosting all types of communication on an always-accessible third-party server, cloud communications has become the hottest new business trend. Here are 10 reasons why you should switch to this innovative technology today.

1. Remove Physical Barriers

Traditional PBX systems restrict office communication to a limited number of hardwired devices. With cloud communication services, a virtually unlimited number of team members can communicate from anywhere, whether they work from home or in-office.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

Consumer research site CostOwl estimates that a PBX costs about $1,000 per user. When it breaks, you have to wait and pay for a technician to come out. Cloud communication systems are a fraction of that cost and because the hardware is located at your provider’s location, there’s no waiting for a technician.

3. Simple Deployment

A trained cloud communications technician walks your team through registration and activation. The only new hardware you many need is phones and cables.

4. Unify Employees

Every team at every office in your business is connected through voice and video chat, improving both your business’s work culture and time management.

5. Scalable

As your business grows, you must upgrade PBX hardware. With an internet-based communication solution, most growth just involves signing up new users.

6. Increase Agility

According to Pew Research, 71% of office workers who reported that they could’ve always worked from home now do. Keeping everyone on the same communication software through the cloud connects them all seamlessly.

7. Integrate Mobile

This feature of cloud communication is like a call-forwarding service. By filtering communication through the software, you can take business calls on your mobile device without giving out your personal phone number.

8. Increase Employee Productivity

A survey of British office workers found that on average, each worker loses 46 minutes per day to slow technology. That’s 24 days a year for every single employee. With the smooth, quick connections of cloud communication, you’ll increase productivity and slash down time.

9. Improve Customer Service

Enterprise-level cloud systems quickly route customers to service representatives, integrate multichannel communications and keep customer data easily accessible to the appropriate employees and teams.

10. Raise Recovery Standards

Many traditional comms systems require resets after a power outage. With a cloud system, your carrier’s data center will still be operational. During prolonged power outages, you can forward calls to mobile devices.

Integrated Cloud Communications With NetCarrier

In 1996, NetCarrier stood as a customer-focused alternative to more corporate dial-up providers. We understand the struggles of adopting and adapting to new technology. We also know it’s worth it.

Through our nCloud Connect cloud communication services, we transform businesses. Whether you need internal communication integration or customer contact center solutionscontact us to take advantage of everything a customer-focused cloud communication service provides. No matter your business’s size, needs or how many of your employees work remote jobs, get a free quote today.