10 Fantastic Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Use nCloud Connect

Advancements in technology are changing the way that all industries operate and business phone systems are not an exception to this… thanks to cloud communications.

So, what is cloud communications? Cloud communications, such as nCloud Connect, is technology that uses the internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to provide features such as voice, chat, video calling, and instant messaging. 

Currently, there is over 204.8 billion  VOIP users in the world; that number is set to increase as more businesses realize the benefits of cloud communications.

Is your business interested in switching to cloud communications? Read on to learn the top reasons why your business should pick nCloud Connect over the other platforms out there!

1. Easy Switch  

One of the main reasons businesses hesitate to switch providers is worrying it will be a hassle. NetCarrier’s nCloud Connect makes it as easy as possible to transition. Customers are assigned a dedicated project manager who handles the entire transition from start to finish to ensure a smooth transition. 

2. 24/7 Support

NetCarrier’s support team is based in the Philadelphia headquarters and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are no long hold times or outsourcing of support, which ensures quality customer care… whenever you need it.

3. nCloud Connect is Proprietary

NetCarrier built nCloud Connect, so we own the code. We have the ability to develop and add new features upon request from our customers or partners. This flexibility allows NetCarrier to remain at the fore-font of technology. 

4. Training Support

nCloud Connect comes with professional training videos and webinars to onboard your team efficiently. Before you know it, your team will learn how to use the phone system and utilize the features to improve communication.

5. Features 

nCloud Connect offers the best benefits of cloud communications. There are features such as video calling, instant messaging, desktop faxing, extensive reporting, contact center solutions, and many more. Plus, you can access all features in the user-friendly portal.

6. Competitive Pricing

Since NetCarrier owns the nCloud Connect platform, we are able to provide the most cost-effective pricing for customers.

7. Installation 

NetCarrier’s nCloud Connect phones can be self-installed. When you receive them, you just need to plug them in to begin. However, upon request, a technician will come to set up the equipment for you.

8. Account Rep

There is nothing worse than talking to different people every time you need support. NetCarrier provides you with an entire account management team, and your sales rep will stay with you for the life of your contract. 

9. FCC Regulated 

Not all hosted providers are created equal. NetCarrier is a public utility and FCC regulated. It operates with a carrier-grade voice switch and network.

10. Seasoned Provider

NetCarrier has 25 years of experience as a voice provider. Over this time, customers have come to trust and value our service. We would love to work together as you transition into a cloud communication system! Contact us today!

NetCarrier has the technology, value, reliability, and support to provide quality service for your business. nCloud Connect is one of the top platforms available for customers today. 

Contact us directly or learn more about nCloud Connect here. We are ready to support your business.