What to Expect When Investigating a New Provider

What to Expect When Investigating a New Provider

Are you worried you don’t know where to start when switching phone providers? That is a common concern when it comes to telecom and most IT solutions. Not everyone is an expert in cloud solutions, but that is ok.

NetCarrier takes a consultative approach when building solutions for customers. We work closely with you and your team to make sure that we create a design that will optimize your business and make communication easier.

This is where I come in… I work with customers to find out what their needs are, what they love about their current system and what are some of their pain points. I evaluate their communication needs as a whole, across all avenues including chat, voice, video and internet to create a solution for their business.

Here is an inside look at the sales process:

  • Introductions: I start out by explaining who I am and my history at NetCarrier when introduced to a customer. I started out 5 years ago supporting our sales team while working with our existing customers. I now work with our partners and new customers as a Channel Manager. Like so many other employees at NetCarrier, I have learned telecom from the ground up with extensive in house support and training. This “home grown” environment has offered me vast experience as I learned the ropes on the sales team.
  • Discovery… Building the Solution: In order to offer suggestions on the design of a system, I make sure that I understand a companies’ mission and industry to determine the starting off point when it comes to choosing a solution. This is where I like to set up a discovery call to understand how their business operates, specific feature requests and the driving force to find a new provider. This aids in the design process of a new solution by understanding your business. No two customers are the same, everyone runs and operates differently. It is my job to make sure that I am recommending a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Comparison/Quote: Analyzing current telecom bills, network setup, and internet connectivity is key. We can review the quote line by line and compare current services to what we are proposing. Starting with an apples to apples comparison of what a customer has verses what we are offering, helps to identify the differences. This process can also help to eliminate unnecessary services or highlight additional services that may be of value.
  • Webinar: The final step is a live demonstration of the solution we are proposing, via a webinar or in person. This way customers get a feel for the solution and see it firsthand. This serves as a “try before you buy” environment, and offers a time for the customer to ask questions. We thoroughly review the functionality and features with the customer and their team. We highlight features that pertain to their specific business and the services we are proposing. I bring our Sales Engineering team a.k.a. the “technical gurus,” as I like to call them, into the conversation to ensure that we hit all the important points of the network and answer any IT questions.

Our goal is to make your migration to NetCarrier as seamless as possible. Besides the thorough sales process we assign a dedicated project manager that walks you through the entire conversion.

Whenever you are making a switch to another provider, it can seem intimidating or even overwhelming. I strive to alleviate the stress during the sales process with the ultimate goal being that customers feel more organized, more comfortable with their decision and more accomplished.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Stacy Armstrong