NetCarrier has been deploying voice over IP (VOIP) services successfully since the late 1990s. Teleflex was the first VOIP product NetCarrier offered. This service was able to improve utilization of bandwidth by dynamically allocating voice and data traffic on the same connection. This service is able to save the customer resources, provide them better pricing, and increase monitoring capabilities. These dynamic services are offered in a PRI, Analog, and SIP handoff.

The Teleflex Base Package includes the following:

  • A Variety Of Delivery Options, Compatible With Virtually Any Traditional Or IP Phone System:
    • Analog, Digital, PRI And SIP
  • A Variety Of Access Options:
    • nCloud Ethernet Over Fiber – Up To 1GB Dedicated Access
    • Broadband – Shared Network Speeds Up To 500MB Delivered By The Local Cable Provider
    • Customer Provided Access – Have A High Speed Connection Already? Netcarrier Will Bill, Manage And Open Trouble Tickets For The Connection As Well.
  • IAD Included
  • One Directory Listing
  • Touch Tone, Hunting, 900 Blocking And 976 Restriction Features
  • Four Optional Line Features
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • Bundled Long Distance And Inbound Toll Free Options

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