SIP trunking is a VoIP technology that allows NetCarrier to provide full-featured voice services to any user with a SIP-enabled PBX. If your PBX supports SIP technology, you may be in line to save money over traditional telephone architecture. NetCarrier’s SIP offering includes the following:


NetCarrier’s SIP offering includes the following:

  • Increased flexibility with no limit on the amount of calling channels
  • Touch tone, 900 blocking and 976 restriction features
  • Any four optional line features
  • Unlimited or pay-per-minute local and long distance options
  • One directory listing
  • Can be provided over another carriers’ bandwidth for cost savings

NetCarrier may also provide managed router services. The decision to add a Managed Router for SIP Trunking should always be dependent on the preference of the PBX and IT Vendor first. The following scenario’s require a NetCarrier provided managed router.

  • Exception #1 When NetCarrier provides a dedicate fiber circuit
  • Exception #2 When NetCarrier is providing voice failover via our Survive product
  • Exception #3 When NetCarrier is providing analog lines

The function of the Managed Router outside of the exceptions laid out above is to act as a firewall for the customer’s PBX. The necessity of NetCarrier to perform firewalling for the customer’s PBX is not always true or best for the customer.

To see if SIP Services would be an ideal solution for your company’s telecommunications needs, contact NetCarrier at 1-877-255-7733 or CLICK HERE