The Wide Area Network (WAN) is the most vulnerable part of any customer’s network. It’s the segment that spans out over telephone poles and through underground conduits, which exposes it to the elements and other dangers. As more and more companies move their applications in to the cloud, the WAN connections become increasingly more important for the core functions of their businesses.

nCloud Survive provides redundancy between multiple WAN connections to ensure that a circuit outage doesn’t affect operations. NetCarrier’s design utilizes constant link monitoring, dynamic VoIP routing, and core-to-edge router peering to ensure an immediate and smooth transition between connections.

NetCarrier recognizes that when a phone call drops, it affects a company’s reputation and bottom line. With nCloud Survive Voice, phone calls remain connected through network outages.

For customers who do not have NetCarrier voice and data, nCloud Survive Standalone works with other providers’ connections and still provides automatic failover and security for a customer’s network with monitoring and notification in the event of outages.

nCloud Survive configuration options:

  • nCloud Survive Standalone automatic data failover for non-NetCarrier Internet connections; includes an enterprise-grade firewall for network security. Choose from two options:
    • Basic receive email notifications when a connection is down
    • Plus receive email and phone notification when a connection is down, plus NetCarrier will contact your other carriers to resolve outages
  • nCloud Survive Data redundant Internet routing and enterprise-grade firewall for customers who have at least one NetCarrier-provided Internet connection
  • nCloud Survive Voice redundant routing for Teleflex, SIP, and nCloud PBX voice services
  • nCloud Survive Voice & Data combination of voice and internet redundancy
  • nCloud Survive MPLS pairs with our MPLS product to route interoffice traffic over a secondary connection between offices, such as a VPN

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Need more than one backup link? We can provide redundant routing between up to three separate circuits

All circuits are monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, so even though an outage may not be noticed by users, NetCarrier will notify the appropriate contacts and resolve the problem. Call 855-NCLOUD4 for more information.

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