How to voip phone system

How Will I Know How to Work a New Voip Phone System?

In today’s environment new technology shouldn’t be what slows you down.  Being unfamiliar with your phone system can cause a massive headache.  To alleviate any worries people may have in their transition to cloud communications with nCloud Connect, a skilled project manager is assigned to work with you through the entire process.  Our goal is make sure that you understand how all of the UCaaS features that are available can save your business time and money.  Once the engineers have built your phone system in nCloud and it’s ready to be deployed, we will provide you with a variety of training materials.

Of these materials, one of the most useful will be our User & Admin Portal Guides.   A user, anyone with an extension on the system, has the ability to check their voicemails, update their speed dials, and set their call forwarding in the User Portal with nCloud Connect. An Admin will have much more control over the phone system with the ability to adjust auto attendant recordings and options, ring or hunt groups, and even edit user information.  

In addition to the written product guides, how to videos guides are provided to explain all aspects of both portals.  These videos are a step by step explanation on the features available to you when using nCloud Connect.  These videos can be found online so they are available for anyone at any time.  Something as simple as how to log into the user portal will be covered as well as the more complex features found in the admin portal, like how to manage your DIDs.  

Another great training tool that NetCarrier offers are videos featuring the Poly phones and how to use them with your new hosted phone system. Videos include how to answer, make and transfer calls, check voicemail, transfer calls and many of the other features available on your phone.

Finally, in the days before going live on the phone system, a virtual training may be held.  The training is divided into two parts, one covering the user portal and one covering the admin portal.  On this training, the demonstration will be done on your soon to be active phone server.  One of our knowledgeable Sales Engineers will lead this training and can answer any questions that you may have.  They will let you know what to expect during the installation and answer questions about the setup.  This training will be recorded and will be forwarded for your records.   

If any questions arise after the training, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. They are available 24/7/365 in our Philadelphia headquarters. Our techs go through vast training and are able to log into equipment, make changes and fix issues without having to escalate through various departments within NetCarrier. 

Reach out to to schedule a training and see how nCloud Connect can change the way that you communicate!