Contact Center Solutions are Not a One Size Fits All

Many businesses today rely on contact centers to engage their customers. Whether it’s providing customer service, product support, or capitalizing on sales opportunities it is up to you to find and build a system that best suits your business. Here at NetCarrier, we’ve answered that need with a product suite that fits virtually every market vertical. This product suite includes our Contact Center Enterprise and Contact Center Lite solutions.

Contact Center Lite is a product developed in-house that is fully integrated within our Hosted Phone System, nCloud Connect. It provides everything an inbound call center needs built under the same roof as your phone system. What that means for you, is that you have the ability to manage your phone system and your call center within a single user interface. 

Contact Center Lite gives you the ability to intelligently route callers to the proper department based your employee’s skillset. One example of this would be installing a Spanish customer service queue adjacent to your English customer service queue. Doing this will allow any Spanish speaking customers to navigate to your Spanish queue with no hassle. The same can be done for splitting your departments into higher support levels. Creating a level 2 support queue is made easy with our user interface. As always, our service delivery team builds out the call flow based on your needs and our technical support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you in any changes needed to keep your contact center at its maximum potential.

A plethora of other features are available with your Contact Center Lite suite such as custom music on hold to help increase the customer experience. This can include messages from you to the customer to let them know of any current events or simply that their call is important to your business. Queue callback which allows your customers to leave the queue and request a call back from your agents later. Call queue recording so you can easily maintain quality assurance. There’s even supervisory monitoring allowing supervisors to silently monitor calls for coaching new employees, or barge into a call to assist in resolving a customer’s issue on the spot.

While Contact Center Lite most certainly can meet your business’ needs, Contact Center Enterprise will drive your contact center into the next level. Contact Center Enterprise is a product suite that goes beyond your traditional call center. Aside from traditional inbound call queues this product allows you to take on email, chat, and SMS queues all within the same user interface. On top of inbound contact you’ll also increase your outreach as well, with products like outbound call campaigns, outbound notifications for appointment reminders, and automated queue call back.

Contact Center Enterprise also keys into the needs of management and their need to stay on top of operations and staff. With tools like schedule manager, not only will you be able to track employee time in and out, you’ll be able to run reports on employee break time, idle time, and even talk time. With that comes reporting of any metrics you need, whether that’s inbound traffic, average speed of answer, or simply hold times. We also made it possible for you to schedule those reports so you don’t have to spend your Fridays pulling all of your weekly reports. Simply have them emailed to all pertinent parties.

No matter your needs, nCloud Connect can customize a solution to give your call center the necessary tools for a stellar customer experience.