Our House Inc. a leading provider of support and housing for individuals in NJ with intellectual and developmental disabilities, turns to NetCarrier to replace their end of life phone system

New Jersey Organization Provides Day Services, Housing, In-Home Support and More for Residents with Disabilities

The mission of Our House, Inc. (OHI) is to provide healthy, stimulating, and inclusive environments for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through community residences, employment services, innovative day programs, social opportunities and related support services designed to help them achieve their full potential for living meaningful and productive lives.

“As our job is to provide care and support for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, it is vital that we have a reliable phone system that allows us to easily and quickly communicate with each other.”

Michele DelCorsano President & CEO Our House, Inc

PROBLEM: OHI had an outdated phone system that was failing. Group home workers and office employees needed updated features with increased mobility and extension dialing. They also wanted to ensure they had the ability to receive calls during internet outages.

SOLUTION: NetCarrier provided nCloud Connect Hosted PBX to all of the OHI facilities and group homes. By combining all of the locations onto one phone system, users were able to extension dial and send pages throughout the organization. NetCarrier worked with OHI’s funding structure allowing them to implement a new service.

BENEFITS: Communication increased between the group homes and the OHI offices. Predictive billing allows OHI to budget without worrying about surprise charges throughout the term while saving money. This solution also future proofed their business communication allowing them to continue to grow.

Explore the white paper HERE.