nCloud VAR

nCloud VAR

NetCarrier is a national provider of nCloud PBX services

Infonetics, a leading Telecommunications Research Firm, projects Cloud based phone systems as a $377 Billion dollar market over the next 3 years.

Become an nCloud VAR with NetCarrier and get your share of this expanding market!

Are you losing your customers to Cloud based solutions? Are you nervous about giving up control of your customer’s hardware to carriers? Are you afraid of jumping into the wholesale game and instantly becoming responsible for all of your customers’ bad debt?

If any of those questions apply to you, the NetCarrier nCloud VAR program may be your answer.

NetCarrier allows VAR’s to capitalize on the budding Cloud market with minimal capital expenditure.

As an nCloud VAR, you get all of the benefits of a white labeled Cloud PBX solution without the risks associated with being a wholesaler:

  • You DON’T pay us, we pay YOU! High residual income for the life of your customer’s contract with NetCarrier
  • Upfront payment to complete customer installations
  • White Labeled Handsets
  • White Labeled Customer Portal
  • Unite your customer’s handset with their desktop: Cost competitive, reliable Cloud PBX solutions with complete desktop integration.

Apply to become a NetCarrier nCloud VAR today before it’s too late! Only a limited number of VARs nationwide will be approved in targeted geographical areas.

Don’t have an installation team? Check out our Channel Partner Program.

Call 1-855-NCLOUD4 or complete the form below and a NetCarrier representative will reach out to you.

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